Skilled Physical Therapy Services serving Lower Bucks and NE Philadelphia. Physical Therapist owned and operated since 1986



We know you are looking for someone to provide you with the best possible care. We also recognize importance of physical therapy in helping you return to your prior functional status or even better. Are you looking for a place where the physical therapists are educated, skilled, compassionate and provide personalized attention? Given the opportunity, we will be able to demonstrate to you how Sports and Back Rehabilitation provides their patients with all-inclusive physical therapy. 


We accept most major insurances including Auto, Workman's Compensation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare. Call us to find out if we accept your particular insurance.

We also have a certified massage therapist on staff. Please call for information regarding pricing and how to schedule an appointment.


Listed below are the top four reasons why you should check out Sports and Back Rehabilitation:

1. We have been independently owned and operated by a physical therapists for over 25 years. The longevity of our company is a strong indicator our success.

2. Since we are a single site facility, all of our energy and efforts are put into making Sports and Back Rehabilitation the best it can be.

3. Our physical therapists are passionate about education and manual therapy. We take pride in providing each patient with timely individualized care. We provide every patient with a personalized home exercise and in-house fitness program.

4. Our therapists take part in continuing education courses that included Cyriax, McKenzie, Mulligan, McConnell, Krause, Blankenship, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Sandy Burkart, Maitland, Wilk and many others.

We believe these qualities make us unique in today’s health care industry. We care deeply and remain passionate about the services we offer. If you are located in Lower Bucks County/Northeast Philadelphia have physical therapy needs, please consider Sports and Back Rehabilitation. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (215) 752-4553.